Childbirth Class(in-person or virtual)$250

This virtual class is done over two Zoom video calls. When you register, you will receive an email with:

  • a PDF of the entire curriculum (it is created so you can fill it in as we go)

  • links to birth videos

  • links to comfort measure positions

  • a list of pregnancy and postpartum resources: yoga instructors, pelvic floor PT, therapists, lactation, etc. (all who are offering virtual care)

  • list of books to prepare for labor

  • tools for partner to know how to best support you

  • As a doula, I offer a comprehensive knowledge of birth to help prepare you, even if it's online!


What is covered:

-how hormones play a role in labor

-The role of your birth partner

-Coping strategies

-Each stage of labor

--Interventions you may encounter

-how to advocate for yourself



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