5 Real Thoughts I've Had During My Pregnancy

Social media makes everything look great - marriage, pregnancy, having kids, work, eating scones, etc. After perusing Instagram early on in my pregnancy and seeing women who looked like pregnant models and wore ridiculously expensive maternity clothing, I decided I should write about reality. I mean, come on...growing a baby is an incredibly beautiful thing - don't get me wrong - but it also is so human, so raw, so real. And the truth is, I think what makes having children so beautiful is the fact that it is such a human thing - with all of the blood and sweat and tears and pain. The simple fact that we are a part of the creation process of a tiny human is incredible.

With that being said, here are some of the thought's I've had during my pregnancy.

1. Get out of here, pregnant models: Like I said before, most people don't look like that. The truth is your body grows, you get stretch marks and you learn to be okay with that. I've been really grateful for all of the people who have let me borrow their maternity clothes. I have had to buy almost nothing because so many friends and family have generously given me theirs. And I think we have to learn not to compare ourselves - each woman carries differently, grows differently and just looks different. It's a good thing, trust me!

2. My husband doesn't get it: I don't want to disrespect Jeremy at all because he is a great husband who is extremely compassionate and loving. But, let's be real, he (along with every other man) doesn't really get it. And I've come to learn that I shouldn't expect him to because he is not feeling the hormone changes, he's not carrying the baby and he probably won't completely understand we are pregnant until the day I give birth. I am thankful I get to go through this with someone (regardless of how much he can understand) and that he puts up with my craziness on a daily basis.

3. Why would you tell me that?: Many women have taken the liberty to tell me the most horrific stories about pregnancy and birth. Don't you guys know I am a hypochondriac as it is? I don't need people telling me everything that could possibly go wrong. Because the truth is, we have WAY less control then we think we do. The fact that I'm pregnant in the first place is a complete miracle...there is a human growing inside me. With that being said, I'm going to keep taking each day at a time and trust that the worst things won't come and if they do, I'll deal with them when I get there.

4. Pregnancy hormones are the real deal: Even more surprising than my up and down mood (because let's be honest, that is something I experience regardless of being pregnant), is the fact that my personality has changed. Many of my friends and family have told me that I have become more blunt and less of a "people-pleaser". And the truth is, I didn't even realize I was treating people differently. Over Christmas, I hurt my sisters feelings because I was so intense and my boss asked me if I was okay because I was being extremely blunt. Who knows, maybe this is just who I'm becoming and I think that's a good thing.

5. Stop putting so much pressure on pregnant women: I've noticed there is a lot of judgement for what women should and shouldn't do when they are pregnant. And yes, there are some big, obvious things you should definitely not do like drink alcohol or eat raw fish. But let's be real, pregnant women already have anxiety on a daily basis..."should I have eaten that?" "Why isn't the baby moving?" "Am I doing something horribly wrong?" "Is my baby okay?" My advice is this: listen to your doctor, be as healthy as possible and remember that you are not in complete control of the growth of your baby.

Cheers to the last trimester!

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