How This Little Piece of Advice Changed Everything

I've lived too much of my life believing lies. One of the best advice I ever got from my counselor was to learn the discipline of discerning what is a lie and how to stop them from creeping into my mind. And it truly is a discipline, especially when you have been listening to those lies for most of your life. Ever since that cold, January day with my counselor, I have been learning to discern what is truth. And then speaking that into my life. Sometimes people will ask how you discern if it is a lie. And I think deep down, we know. I think the harder discipline is speaking truth into our lives and turning from our old ways of thinking. And ultimately letting other people enter into our messy-ness - admitting our true thoughts.

Here are some of they lies I used to believe and the truths that counter them.

Lie: Good community comes from making it happen yourself.

Truth: Genuine community and relationship is a complete gift from God.

Lie: My worth comes from the good that I do.

Truth: You are loved just because you are a created being.

Lie: If I let people see the gross/true parts of myself, they won't want to be my friend.

Truth: Lasting friendships are created through vulnerability and forgiveness.

Lie: Getting to "the next" thing in life will make me happy.

Truth: Learning how to be attentive to the present moment will teach me how to be content with whats right in from of me.

Lie: Doing something just for fun, but isn't necessarily "helping" anyone isn't using your time wisely.

Truth: Doing something just for fun for me is completely healthy. God is bigger than what I do. Also, long walks by myself, wheel throwing before work and playing with my dog gives me life!

Lie: Other people think poorly of you

Truth: If you live your life trying to please people, you will live in a constant state of despair.

All of these lies, left me in a constant state of sadness. I never felt good enough. I never felt I could do enough and I was never thankful for what I actually had.

Do you see a theme? The lies always focus on YOU. The truths always bring you outside of yourself. We have to be reminded (in the mist of our self-pity downward spirals) to look outside of ourselves - to God, to other people and to gratitude.

*Again, I am not downplaying depression and anxiety because they are the real deal. It is important to seek out help from a counselor like I did in our darkest moments.

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