Marrisa Pierce - a fighter

Marrisa is the first mother featured for this Mother's Day project which I feel is pretty fitting. I first met Marrisa when we were on our way to Young Life camp the first year I was leading. She was by far the sassiest, strongest and most real lady I had ever met. She didn't shy away from who she is and she asked incredibly hard questions. That was many years ago now and we are still dear friends. I feel honored to be able to feature my friend who has been through a lot in her life and finds a way to keep fighting - for herself, for her faith and now for her son. Please read Marrisa's story below:

"Motherhood, for me, has been:



A Learning experience




And amazing

My son is 5.5 months old and he's been through a lot since he's been born. The start of his life was a little rough but he is a fighter. I am a fighter so I know he gets it from me, it's in our blood. Being his mother is not what I was expecting when I got the news I'd be having him. His biological father wrote him off as soon as he found out I was having him. I proceeded without him and chose to have Boone.

On the day I had him my life changed; for the better. I just hadn't known it yet. I was living a selfish life before I gave birth to Boone. I was living in Nashville Tennessee doing what I wanted, experiencing life, exploring, drinking, dancing, meeting new people and creating memories. But now I live a selfless life. Everything I do is for my son or revolves around him. Everyday I'm learning something different or experiencing something different. As much as it's amazing it's also overwhelming at the same time.

The first 4.5 months of his life I did it alone. I began this journey as a single mother and at times felt like a failure. I was disappointed in myself. I never wanted to be a single mother. I wanted a husband and a family. BUT God had a plan for me that of course I did not know yet. Fast forward - God sent me an amazing man that took on my son and I. And this is the man that's Boones father and the man that will raise him with me.

Over all I love love love being Boones mother. I love looking in his eyes, the morning snuggles and smiles as soon as he wakes. I love watching him learn and grow everyday and figure out his body and abilities. That's what's great about motherhood and what's trumps all the scary feelings. Today as I stare at him as I write this, I wouldn't change him or my life for anything.

I'm. Right. Where. I'm. Meant. To. Be."

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