Melinda Lucas - choosing to love

Mindy is one of those people who has been through a lot of hard things, continues to endure and finds a way to see the joy in the midst of life's difficulties. Mindy works for Youth for Christ in Spokane full-time while loving hard on her two little ladies, her husband and their dog.

I really love her words today because a lot of the time, motherhood isn't glamorous - it's messy and scary and intimidating. We are raising humans for goodness sake! Please read her words and be encouraged that if you are not "feeling" motherhood today, you aren't alone.

"If I had to summarize motherhood into one story it would be the night my daughter was admitted to the Pediatric ICU. Knowing something wasn’t right, but still questioning myself as a mother, I took my sweet two-year-old into the ER. Upon our arrival, things escalated quickly. Imagine a Grey’s Anatomy episode, with nurses yelling respiratory codes, rushing you into a room, and hooking up every device in the world to your little one. At that moment I knew wholeheartedly what motherhood is. It’s feeling terrified that you have no idea what you’re doing while loving a little human more than you can even describe. It’s putting on a brave face while being completely terrified. It’s comforting your child and cheering them on as they do really hard things. It’s reminding them of all the things they love when they are sad. It’s knowing them. It’s choosing to love them above indulging in your own fears and shortcomings. It’s walking around a hospital in slightly wet pants because you coughed too hard and two kids later life happens. It’s holding your little one and knowing that your love and comfort is all they need when life is too big, too scary, and too new. It’s simply the most terrifying, humbling, rewarding and joyful experience I’ve ever had. I wouldn’t change it for anything. Being a mother has challenged me to be the best me I can be while still gracefully accepting when I fall short because we’re all human."

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