Sara Saludes - purpose

Sara is a mother I have learned so much from. My husband and I were blessed to see her and her husband raise their daughter, Lana before we got pregnant. Both Sara and Adrian's ability to be completely present as parents and trust that they are exactly where they are supposed to be taught my husband and I so much and I think paved the way for us to begin our parenting journey.

Sara and Adrian are dear friends are are raising their daughter, Lana and son, Zeke. Be encouraged by Sara's words!

"A few words that come to mind when I think of motherhood are love, joy, purpose, selflessness, challenges, learning/growing, and seasons.

Motherhood has brought more love and joy than I knew was possible. From the moment you meet your sweet babe(s), to watching all their “firsts”, to learning their personality and their desires and watching those play out. It’s constantly growing and changing. Each stage brings new joys and new challenges.

Motherhood has given me so much purpose. For me I feel like this is exactly what I was created to do.

It is filled with challenges that are to be expected and sometimes ones that you never would have thought of.

Motherhood is filled with seasons. Sometimes it feels like they never end but before you know it you’re in the center of the next one and you may have missed the end of the last. It’s a season where you’re often not first and learn to be selfless. It presents challenges in continuing to pursue certain desires of your own, but opens doors for new ones.

Motherhood is a beautiful and difficult thing that I think is often under-appreciated, but is truly one of the greatest, most rewarding gifts life has."

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